Work with trained, certified yoga therapists to strengthen your bones, improve your balance, range of motion and mobility through yoga.

Medical Yoga Therapy

At Schaff Yoga Therapy (in Rhinebeck, NY), certified yoga therapist, Terry Roth Schaff works with individuals to alleviate pain from conditions that come with injuries and aging.

Based on extensive clinical experience, Terry trains yoga and medical professionals to use yoga to treat such widespread ailments as osteoporosis, arthritis, herniated discs and stenosis.

Her warm water yoga program, recognized by the Arthritis Foundation and by the International Association of Yoga Therapists, is a safe way to reduce joint pain and to recover from conditions ranging from strokes to knee, hip and shoulder replacements.

Her work has been featured in the medical journal, Topics On Geriatric Rehabilitation and in Yoga Therapy Today. Her recent book, Medical Yoga Therapy A Practical Guide for the Yoga & Medical Community is receiving high praise from leading doctors at teaching hospitals.


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