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Warm Water Yoga Weekend

Free yourself from pain and stiffness in the warm and supporting environment of water. When you practice yoga in warm water, you can reduce swelling in injured or swollen joints and avoid soreness.

  • Enjoy moving in a warm water pool. Supported by the water, you will find yourself able to flow from one yoga pose to another without the risk of falling.

  • Use the water to help expand your breath and lower your blood pressure

  • Feel the water relax tightness, stress and tension in your body and mind

  • Learn yoga postures and yoga sequences in a new way

  • Have fun while becoming stronger and more toned

  • Feel a sense of ease and well-being in this warm, soothing environment

No previous yoga or swimming experience is necessary. This workshop is appropriate for anyone who would like to increase their mobility, improve their balance, and reduce musculoskeletal and neurological pain. Helping medical and yoga professionals find techniques they can use with their clients.

Cost: $300 (Includes Saturday Lunch & Sunday Continental Breakfast)

Pay With Check/Money Order

To pay with a check or money order. Download and fillout this PDF then return it with your payment to reserve your spot.